Red Flags Rule

Learn everything you need to know about the Red Flags Rule and how to comply with federal laws and regulations regarding red flags in finance. This course begins with an overview of the Red Flags Rule, then gives you eight steps to compliance, explains how to conduct a risk assessment, how to identify and detect red flags, what happens when you have to deny a transaction, and how to update your Red Flags program and your account access policy.

  • 1: Red Flags Overview
  • Overview Video
  • Overview Review
  • Overview Quiz
  • 2: Eight Steps to Compliance
  • Eight Steps to Compliance Video
  • Eight Steps to Compliance Review
  • Eight Steps to Compliance Quiz
  • Form of Designation of Red Flags Manager
  • Red Flags Binder
  • 3: Conducting a Risk Assessment
  • Conducting Risk Assessment Video
  • Conducting a Risk Assessment Review
  • Conducting A Risk Assessment Quiz
  • 4: Identifying Red Flags
  • Identifying Red Flags Video
  • Identifying Red Flags Review
  • Identifying Red Flags Quiz
  • 5: Detecting Red Flags
  • Detecting Red Flags Video
  • Detecting Red Flags Review
  • Detecting Red Flags Quiz
  • Identity Theft Protection Program
  • ID Theft Protection Program Template
  • 6: Denial of Transaction
  • Denial of Transaction Video
  • Denial of Transaction Review
  • Denial of Transaction Quiz
  • 7: Updating the Program
  • Updating the Program Video
  • Updating the Program Review
  • Updating the Program Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year